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The House of Bernarda Alba

Audition Workshop Date: 17.03.2024


This iconic play by Federico García Lorca delves into themes of repression, sisterhood, and the complexities of familial relationships. In our production, we will be placing the sisters within a modern-day household with heavy cult/sect influences. We will perform a new interpretation of the play, including new text, loosely inspired by the original Spanish-to-English translation. Although it is not necessary to read the full play before auditioning, we encourage that you make yourself as familiar as possible with the plot and characters, as this may be referenced in the audition process.

This production features an all-female character line-up, and therefore we are seeking performers who are comfortable playing and presenting as female on stage. We welcome and encourage individuals from diverse backgrounds to audition for this production. All participants must speak English fluently.

The play will be directed by Olivia Cole under the banner of Berlin Open Theatre. Previously, Olivia directed Frankenstein (Berlin & Edinburgh Fringe 2023) and The Importance of Being Earnest (Berlin and Edinburgh Fringe 2019), as well as co-directing Romeo and Juliet (Berlin and Stratford-upon-Avon, 2022) with the ensemble.

We’re pleased to announce that this will be a co-production with the non-profit association Shakespeare Reloaded e.V.


Auditions will take place from 10:30 AM onwards, on 17th March 2024, in a location on the border of Neukölln and Alt-Treptow. 

  • Workshop (2 hrs): The group workshop session is intended for all auditionees. This workshop segment is not only an opportunity for actors to demonstrate their performing abilities and imagination, but also a space to get to know each other and showcase their collaboration skills. No preparation is needed for this section, other than a foundational knowledge of the play.

  • Solo Audition (Arranged timeslot): The following solo auditions are only for auditionees who have not performed a full production with Shakespeare Reloaded. We hope this will allow us a greater opportunity to get to know new faces. You will have a 10-minute solo audition slot following the group workshop. In this segment, you will be asked to memorize a short poem extract. We will ask you to perform the poem in different ways, showcasing your versatility, emotional range, and interpretation skills. If possible, please recite the poem unaided, but we will provide you with the text if needed.

  • To audition, please email with 'YOUR NAME - AUDITION' as the subject line. The group workshop takes place between 10:30am-12:30pm. Solo 10 min auditions will take place from 12:40 until 15:00pm. Please allow us 48 hours to respond with full confirmation of your audition details and your two options for the poem extract. 

  • If you are unable to attend the audition but would like to make a self-tape, please request further information at with 'YOUR NAME -SELF TAPE' as the subject line. 

Practical Information

Rehearsal Dates:

Sunday late afternoons from April 7th to the end of July, with one break on May 26th and one break on June 23rd. For obvious reasons, we ask that you attend as many rehearsals as possible throughout this process, but you must be able to attend all rehearsals listed below. If you have questions about your availability, please feel free to contact us.

June 15 & 16th All Day (Sat & Sun)

July 7th All Day (Sun)

July 11th Evening (Thurs)

July 14th All Day (Sun)

July 18th Evening (Thurs)

July 21st All Day (Sun)

July 22-24th Evening (Tues & Wed)

July 25-29th SHOWS (Evenings on weekdays, full days on weekends)


This project is arranged in collaboration with the non-profit association Shakespeare Reloaded. Current members of the association can participate for 10 euro per month, whilst non-members are asked to contribute a rehearsal-room donation of 40 euros per month, from April to July (4 months). Shakespeare Reloaded membership status does not affect casting decisions.

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