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The House of Bernarda Alba

Key dates where you must have good availability on weekday evenings and weekends:

15.07.2024 - 28.07.2024

We are on the lookout for some key production roles. If you are interested in taking part, please read the breakdowns below. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or would like to suggest a different role for yourself:

Production Assistant: The production assistant provides overall support to the production team and helps ensure smooth operations throughout the project. Responsibilities may include coordinating schedules, organizing room bookings and rehearsals, and providing general assistance to the director and crew as needed. Typically the Production Assistant is expected to attend the majority of rehearsals.

Sound and Light Manager: The sound and light manager is responsible for operating and maintaining the audio and lighting equipment during performances. Training will be given by the theatre venue managers, so no need to be an expert! They work with the director to create the desired atmosphere and effects for each scene. Responsibilities may include setting up and testing equipment, executing light cues, and managing sound levels and effects.

Set Designer: The set designer is responsible for creating the visual concept and layout of the stage set according to the director's vision and the requirements of the production. In this play, the set will consist of two or three rooms of an odd and antiquated family home. Responsibilities involve designing the set, selecting and arranging props, and ensuring materials are looked after between rehearsals and performances. They will be responsible for spending the props/scenery budget appropriately.  

Costume Manager: The costume manager oversees the costume design and production for the cast. This includes collaborating with the director and set designer to ensure that costumes align with the overall aesthetic of the production, sourcing or creating costumes and accessories, and maintaining costume inventory. They will be responsible for spending the costume budget appropriately.

Marketing Manager: Responsible for creating, posting and scheduling materials with the purpose of promoting the play to audiences across Berlin. This person would have a good eye for still and moving images, be able to use the Adobe Suite (or comparable software) and would be present in-person to document some rehearsals for social media purposes. A good understanding of organic social media marketing is important, but it is not necessary to know about paid marketing - but let us know if you do! 

The play will be directed by Olivia Cole under the banner of Berlin Open Theatre. Previously, Olivia directed Frankenstein (Berlin & Edinburgh Fringe 2023) and The Importance of Being Earnest (Berlin and Edinburgh Fringe 2019), as well as co-directing Romeo and Juliet (Berlin and Stratford-upon-Avon, 2022) with the ensemble.

We’re pleased to announce that this will be a co-production with the non-profit association Shakespeare Reloaded e.V.

Practical Information

Rehearsal Dates:

Sunday late afternoons from April 7th to the end of July. Depending on your crew role, you may not need to attend all rehearsals, but you must be able to attend all rehearsals in the second half of July. If you have questions about your availability, please feel free to contact us.

Show Dates:

July 25th to 28th 2024

Theater Verlängertes Wohnzimmer


Crew positions are voluntary roles. In some instances, e.g. Set and Costume, you may be responsible for managing a budget provided by the production team.  

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